Gluten-Free Monkey Bread

Gluten-Free Monkey Bread is a irresistible treat, with fluffy balls of dough covered in cinnamon-sugar and baked to perfection.

In a large bowl, place your flour, baking powder, and salt. Whisk to combine. Add in your yogurt and 3 tablespoons of warm water. Mix until the dough holds together well.

Turn the dough out onto a lightly floured surface, sprinkle lightly with more flour, and knead it with your hands until the dough is a bit smoother. Roll the dough into a rectangle about 1-inch thick. Using a small round cookie cutter about 1-inch in diameter, cut out rounds of dough. Do not pack the dough or roll the pieces into a ball. Repeat with remaining dough until all is used.

Place your sugar and cinnamon in a bowl, and mix to combine well. Place each of the pieces of dough in the melted butter,  and place in the bowl of cinnamon sugar. Toss to coat and place in the prepared loaf pan.

Bake until lightly golden brown, around 25 minutes. Remove from your oven and allow to cool completely before glazing.

When ready to glaze, mix together your glaze ingredients until smooth and generously drizzle over top of monkey bread. Alternatively, you can leave your glaze in a bowl and use it as a dip for your bread. Enjoy!